An Alluring Combination Of Resort And City Living

The Breezeway, a landmark project of The Desa ParkCity TownCenter, offers a secure, gated neighborhood in the midst of a hub. Imprinted with tranquil courtyards, linear parks and recreational facilities. The Breezeway lets you enjoy a resort lifestyle or city living, whichever suits your temperament.

Besides, you have a luxurious choice of Courtyard Parkhomes or Garden Condos, each featuring fresh designs and unique architectural details that make a real diffrence in how you wish to live and where you choose to make your home.


Everday Pleasures For All To Enjoy

Garden pavilions in hidden places serve no purpose other than to let you be alone. Totally relaxed in your secret garden, away from prying eyes.

All apartments, whether single-level or duplex types, offer practical floor layouts and clear separation of living spaces and bedrooms with unobstructed vistas.


A Quiet And Inviting 'Welcome Home'

Interlocking courtyards with covered passages and shady trees lead you to the front door of your home. A serene passage that whispers 'it's good to be home'. The living room opens to a landscaped linear park, interrupted only by your private garden.

30-foot building widths make all your aspirations possible. Elegant architecture, spacious interiors and abudant natural light unite to expand oppurtunities for you to compose a lifestyle with minimal compromise


Flavors Of City Living At Your Doorstep

Just walk across the can indulge in the lively offerings of the vibrant The ParkCity TownCenter.