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Over the years, we had the pleasure of sharing with you the latest information about our news, events and updates in relation to The ParkCity Club. In view that the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 is in force to safeguard the usage of Personal Data as defined therein, we are taking steps to ensure that we are in compliance with the new Act and yet able to continue to provide such services to you.

This Personal Data Notice is issued to keep you informed of our endeavors and also to provide you details of your personal data which we may be processing and the manner in which we are doing so.

In the course of your dealings with us, ParkCity Club Management Berhad (PCMB), we will request from you personal data, including without limitation to the personal data obtained from the application forms, our website, survey forms, any forms (whether electronic or printed), emails or correspondences sent to us, name cards or any identity materials that you have distributed voluntarily, any business directory(ies) or listing(s) that you have subscribed to share your information.

The personal data that you shall provide may include but not limited to your name, age, identity card number or passport number, address of correspondence, including office address, gender, date of birth, marital status, occupation, contact information including e-mail address, mobile number, house number, facsimile number, and office number, details of employment, race, nationality, credit card information (if applicable).

The collection and processing of your personal data includes but not limited to the following purposes ("Purpose"):
a. For sending information and notices via mails, emails, telecommunication means (telephone calls or text messages) pertaining to The ParkCity Club and/or its' facilities thereof;
b. For billings and collections of Lesson Fee, Membership Fee (if any), Monthly Subscription Fee and other form of billing purpose;
c. For the maintenance of Members database, internal record-keeping, administrative, accounting, auditing, tax and insurance claim purposes;
d. To respond to Members' enquiries and providing the Members with regular communications relating to the facilities provided by The ParkCity Club;
e. Investigating and managing complaints and/or suspected suspicious transactions;
f. Meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to The ParkCity Club and/or facilities thereof and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular and code applicable to us and/or our subsidiaries and related companies;
g. Conducting marketing research or profiling of members in relation to The ParkCity Club and facilities rendered thereof;
h. To administer and communicate with you in relation to our services and/or events;
i. To process your application to enable us to provide you with the requested services;
j. To contact you regarding products, services, upcoming events, promotions, advertising, marketing and commercial materials which we are of the opinion that may interest you.
Generally, your personal data with us will be kept confidential. You hereby consent and authorize us to disclose your personal data to the following categories of third parties:
i. Our associated, subsidiaries and related companies;
ii. Our auditors, instructors, coaches, business consultants, Trustee, accountants, lawyers or other professional advisers and/or consultants as we deem necessary or appropriate;
iii. Our third party service or facilities providers, instructors and coaches as we deem necessary or appropriate, if applicable;
iv. Any government (federal, state or local) quasi or semi government and/or statutory bodies authorities departments or agencies for any other purposes as may be required by law or regulation in matters relating to the membership of The ParkCity Club.
It is obligatory for you to supply your personal data to us in the most accurate manner failing which, we are unable to process your personal data on your behalf and for the Purpose stated herein and all relationships created or to be created between us shall then be terminated and ceased to be in effect immediately.

You may request for access to, correction or deletion of your personal data or limit the processing thereof (including personal data of others provided by you) at any time hereafter. Any inquiries or complaints with respect to your personal data may also be channeled to us by submitting such request to us via post, email or facsimile transmission the following address:
ParkCity Club Management Berhad
The ParkCity Club,
No 7 Persiaran Residen,
Desa ParkCity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No : +603 6280 7770
Fax No : +603 6280 7771
Email: clubpdpa@ppcity.com.my
We reserve the right to modify or update this Personal Data Notice to reflect any changes to its privacy policies. In any case, an updated version of this notice is available on http://www.desaparkcity.com/parkcityclub/pdpa2010/ and you may periodically review this website to obtain the latest information on our Personal Data Notice.

We trust that you consent and agree to the terms above with respect to our processing of your personal data. If you do not consent to the above, kindly notify us at the abovementioned corresponding address.