You don’t even have to travel outside our community to get all your basic necessities covered. The Waterfront is the iconic retail entertainment center of Desa ParkCity. Come on over for a great shopping and dining experience by the lake.

Family Environment

The open-air, family-oriented surroundings make this neighborhood retail and entertainment centre the perfect hang-out spot where people of all ages can mingle and mix.

International Cuisines

A great mix of retail stores and Food and Beverage outlets amidst intimate passages, piazzas and forecourts make The Waterfront a presentation of variety. With its many cafes and restaurants offerting a delicious smorgasbord of Asian, Western and Fusion cuisine, The Waterfront will make sure that no one leaves with an empty stomach.

Something for Everyone

Located next to the Central Lake, it has a mix of specialist shops with something for everyone, from everyday conveniences to beauty and healthcare outlets. Located within walking distances from the neighborhoods at Desa ParkCity, The Waterfront is a convenient one-stop retail and entertainment center for residents of Desa ParkCity and visitors alike.

Art / DIY / Hobbies

Pets More.Com
Lot No: GF-29
(T)03-6280 8449
VOLT BICYCLE Your Cycling Companion
Lot No: GF-27
(T)03 6280 7622
Menuetto Dance and Fitness
Lot No: FF-16
(T)03-6280 7664
(F)03-6280 7649
Art Village and Frame
Lot No: FF-19
(T)03-6280 7366
(F)03-6280 7366


logo_maybank logo_cimb

Lot No: GF-32
(T)03-6280 7601/2/3
(F)03-6280 7610
Lot No: FF-03 & 06
(T)03-6285 9012
(F)03-6285 9018

Children & Enrichment

logo_artworkshop logo_chubby logo_kizki logo_eye_level
Art Workshop
Lot No: FF-20
(T)010-435 6512
Chubby Chubby
Lot No: FF-03a & 05
(T)03-6280 7551
(F)03-6280 7552
Kizsports & Gym
Lot No: FF-02
(T)03-6262 8169
Eye Level - I Am The Key / The Jupiter Learning Centre
Lot No: FF-22
(T)03-6280 7692

Menuetto Music
Lot No: FF-23
(T)03-6280 7664
(F)03-6280 7649


logo_topper Celebrity Wearhouz
Topper Sports
Lot No: FF-09
(T)03-6280 8593
Celebrity Wearhouz
Lot No: FF-17
(T)03-6263 3202 / 012–773 0506

Food & Beverage

The Social logo_chatime logo_fatfish Sudu
The Social
Lot No: GF-02
(T)03-6279 9225
(T)03-6263 9221
Lot No: KF-01
The Fat Fish
Lot No: GF-08B & 08C
Lot No: FF-26
(T)03-6262 1778
logo_hobahn logo_kluang logo_coffee_beanBoost Juice
Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
Lot No: GF-23
(T)03-6261 5613
Kluang Station
Lot No: GF-35
(T)03-6280 7039
(F)03-6280 7039
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Lot No: GF-09
(T)03-6730 7968
(F)03-6280 8469
Boost Juice Bars
Lot No: K-01
logo_amelio logo_ondeonde Baskin Robbins logo_thesteamboat
Lot No: FF-07
(T)03-6280 7233 / 7212
Onde Onde
Lot No: GF-03a
(T)03-6261 8286
(F)03-6280 7419
Baskin Robbins
Lot No: GF-33 & 33a
(T)03-6280 7131
(F)03-6280 7131
The Steamboat Ketam Village
Lot No: GF-03
(T)03-6280 8889
logo_rakuzen logo_secret Three Little Birds Coffee Moo Cow
Lot No: GF-07
(T)03-6280 8310
(F)03-6280 8320
Secret Recipe
Lot No: GF-06
(T)03-6280 7582
(F)03-6280 7582
Three Little Birds Coffee
Lot No: GF-08D
Moo Cow
Lot No: GF-08A
El Mesón
Lot No: GF-05
(T)03-6263 6227
(F)03-6263 6226
Wine Connection
Lot No: GF-26
(T)03-6261 0199
Lot No: FF-08
(T)03-6261 0017

Health & Beauty

Eu Yan sang logo_gnc Waxxroom logo_tiara_nail_salon
Eu Yan Sang
Lot No: GF-23a
(T)03–6280 7028
GNC Live Well
Lot No: GF-21
(T)03-6280 8699
(F)03-6280 8699
Lot No: FF-11
(T)016-290 1511
Tiara Nail Salon
Lot No: FF-01C
(T)017-2933 119
logo_hearing_partners logo_skin logo_tranquil logo_ultimate
Hearing Partners
Lot No: FF-21A
(T)03-6280 8168
Skin Care Focus
Lot No: FF-18
(T)03-6280 8678
(F)03-6280 7678
Tranquil Touch Beauty Salon & Day Spa
Lot No: FF-10
(T)03-6280 8882
(F)03-6280 8882
Ultimate Hair Studio
Lot No: FF-12
(T)03-6280 7548

Home Furnishing


Aino Living
Lot No: GF-10 & 11
(T)03-6280 8012/15
(F)03-6280 8013


The Phone ShopYES

The Phone Shop
Lot No: GF-20
(T)03-6731 5578
(F)03-6280 7967
Lot No: GF-28
(T)03-6730 8436


logo_perdanaparkcity logo_desaparkcity

Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd
Lot No: FF-28
(T)03-6280 8181
(F)03-6280 8282
Sales Gallery
Lot No: GF-01
(T)03-6280 8080
(F)03-6280 8100


logo_7eleven parkcity-dental-logo_white-backgrounddd1 logo_everest logo_klinik
Lot No: GF-31
(T)03-6280 7806
Parkcity Dental
Lot No: GF-19
(T)03-6280 8048
Everest Ringgit
Lot No: GF-18a
(T)03-6280 7792
(F)03-6280 7794
Klinik Mediviron
Lot No: GF-18
(T)03-6280 8395
(F)03-6280 8395
logo_mail logo_mashiro logo_mynews ParkCity Cleaners
Mail Boxes Etc.
Lot No: GF-16
(T)03-6280 8340
(F)03-6280 8304
Mashiro Aqua Dry Cleaners
Lot No: GF-17
(T)017-360 2939
My News.Com
Lot No: GF-25
(T)03-6280 7698
(F)03-6280 7698
ParkCity Cleaners
Lot No: GF-26a & 26b
(T)03-6262 0988
Close every Monday
logo_clarechild  logo_mashiro

Clare Child Specialist Clinic
Lot No: FF-15
(T)03-6262 1221
Lot No: GF-30 
(T)03-6263 4871



Lot No: GF-22
(T)03-6280 7790
(F)03-6280 7791

The Waterfront (6.6 acres)
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For leasing or other enquiries, please contact:
Renown Point Sdn Bhd
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5, Persiaran Residen,
Desa ParkCity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 6280 8801
Fax: 603 6280 8802